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Top Recipes for the Week of August 14, 2011

Forgive me fair readers, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks (!) since my last missive and I’d love to say that I’ve been on vacation. But alas, I have not. All work and no play makes Angela a dull girl. Or maybe inspires her to create recipes with red rum in them? At least I have been cooking up a storm, consuming new culinary inspiration as my pocketbook affords (I’m talking to you, Toffee Banofi Sundae at Sweet Republic in Scottsdale. And I’m coming back for you, Sweet Corn Gelato) and ticking off books on my summer foodie reading list (Heart of the Artichoke. Check. Jelly Shots Test Kitchen. Check. Asian Dumplings. Check.) I have been so strapped for time that even my three year wedding anniversary (the first where my husband and I have actually been in the same place for it!) went by with a blip. We had to reschedule the festivities for a night that we could take the time to cook something lavish, and what did we end up doing? Making some of the simplest dishes we know - steamed clams and mussels and pan seared hanger steak. I tell you, though, it forced us to focus on two things we adore - great food prepared well, and spending time together laughing about god knows what. So of course, in some divine stroke of serendipity, I notice now that those three recipes were the most visited on the site this past week. Goes to show you people can see the love when it appears before them. Happy feasting!
Classic Mussels with White Wine and Herbs
Classic Mussels with White Wine and Herbs
I know I say it every time I talk mussels, but if you love them and haven't ever made them at home, now is the time. Given that restaurants inflate the cost and the work involved is minimal, you have no excuse. This recipe comes by way of my good friend Arber, an entrepreneurial genius and exemplary chef. The best people in life are multitalented, and this recipe is a true reflection of that fact - clean flavors and elegant presentation for not much work and at a light price tag.
Little Neck Clams with Chorizo and Garlic
I'm not going to lie - I have a baby crush on this one. Something about the garlic simmered in wine, chorizo and clam broth makes me swoon like a tween smooching a Justin Bieber poster. And the tender clams, themselves the star of the dish, are so sweet in the spicy broth, you have to wonder why each and every meal you eat couldn't be as perfectly balanced as this. I mean, I guess it could be - you could eat this every day. I won't stop you.
Simple Hanger Steak
Everyone has their red meat cut of choice - of this, I'm sure. But it seems that some of those lesser cuts seem to be gaining popularity, giving filet mignon a run for its money. Unfortunately, this also means that my beloved hanger steak, a French bistro favorite prized for its flavor, is costing more and more. Whatever - it's so sublime, I'm willing to fight off hipster foodies with a spatula to get my steak when I want it. Wanna fight with me? I know you do.

Website of the Week

Flavors of Brazil
Upon seeking out a recipe for maniçoba, a Brazilian stew made of slow simmered meats and cassava leaves cooked until no longer poisonous with cynaide (I'm not kidding - the stuff goes from deadly to delicious in two days), I came across this site. Written by a Canadian living and eating his way through Fortaleza, it's a killer collection of recipes that celebrate the voracious appetites and culinary prowess of the people of Brazil. I was smitten - take a look, cook some of this goodness and then invite me over. ASAP.

Kitchen Soundtrack

Q-Tip "For the Nasty (Remix)"
I've been getting down to brass tacks lately, cooking dishes that are bold, colorful and evocative of my no BS kitchen. And I've been having people over to eat that are ready to get dirty and make a mess. Ready to chow down with reckless abandon and lick their fingertips clean. This is the soundtrack to the love, and I can only hope that it compels you to whip up an old school recipe for yourself and kick back with friends that are ready to feast. Listen now.
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