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Top Recipes for the Week of July 3, 2011

It's the Fourth of July Weekend, and I'm writing this email from the beach in Waikiki. What better way to celebrate Americana's focus on excellence in BBQ than from the culinary mecca that is Hawaii. From slow roasted pork to hot dogs slathered with passion fruit mustard and guava ketchup, Hawaii recognizes the fact that the best part of American cuisine is the melding of flavors and cultures in every single bite. This week's email brings you some ideas for the fourth that celebrate all corners of the map. Fire up that grill and make plenty of room at the table, because a true celebration is covering all culinary bases in a single meal. Happy grilling!
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Tenderloin with Artichokes in Bechamel
A grilled tenderloin may seem a little upper crust for a barbecue, but purchasing essentially multiple filet mignon and slicing thinly means gourmet action for a group at a much lower price. Paired with creamy artichokes, you're working with gourmet cuisine at its best. Win-win!
Grilled Corn with Herb Butter
Grilled Corn with Herb Butter
Sweet summer corn becomes a sugary delight when steamed in the husk and then charred off on the grill. Finish it with panache by slathering the golden ears with an herby compound butter, and you'll be eating some of the best corn that you've ever had in your life. Your LIFE!!!
Sonoran Hot Dog
As a hot dog aficiannado and new resident of Arizona, it was only a matter of time until I tucked into my first Sonoran Dog. A serious combination of pinto beans, cheddar, onions and salsa topping a bacon-wrapped hot dog is savory, toothsome and wholly addictive. I'm still questioning how it took so long for the Sonoran Dog and I to become friends.

Website of the Week

Photograzing at Serious Eats
Ok, so you have to be careful with this one because it is drool-inducing like no other. Food bloggers from all over the world submit their snaps of their food to be seen by the masses. Cupcake cravings? Pizza pangs? It's all featured here in stunning glory with nothing left to the imagination. Check it out.

Kitchen Soundtrack

LMFAO "Hot Dog"
I had to laugh the first time I heard this song because it was as if it had been written for me and only me. The raunch club kids that are LMFAO have put together a bootie shaker that gives daps to street meat, the beloved hot dog. If I had to have grown up in any other era, I'd have been a disco queen. And if I had to eat only one late-night snack for the rest of my life, it'd be a hot dog. Put the two together with some dance steps (the hustle, perhaps?) and you have yours truly in a nutshell. Play this one while you whip up a delectable Sonoran Dog and then work off the calories with your sweetest dance moves. Listen now.
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