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Top Recipes for the Week of July 17, 2011

Isn’t it amazing how in the thick of some of the busiest times in our lives, it’s ever so easy to be bored beyond belief? The hubs and I jokingly refer to this as the “malaise” (or the more articulate construction, “I’m feeling ma-lazy”) - we’ll have plenty to do, but none of it compels us into action. If I’m going to shake myself out of the doldrums, it better be for something good. Like ply myself with a potent potable kind of good. The recipes this week are perfect for sipping while thoroughly and unabashedly eschewing all responsibilities whatsoever, so if you feel a need sit on your tookus for a spell, maybe get one of these cocktails together first. All three involve sweetly floral hibiscus, a tropical stunner that pairs perfectly with spicy ginger, sharp chiles and even savory rosemary. Despite its limited use here in the states, it's easy to combine in the Latin section of good markets, and cheaply in bulk from Any way you shake it up, you’re in for a perfectly crafted moment of blissful laziness. What? Did someone cue up Fresh Prince “Summertime”?
Hibiscus Chile Margarita
Hibiscus Chile Margarita
I don’t really feel like wasting taste buds on one-note sambas. I want the full-effect in a single sip - spicy, salty, sour and sweet all combined into the most satisfying tipple imaginable. This margarita will charm the pants off of you and take no prisoners all at once, using guajillo chiles and hibiscus simple syrup to enliven an already potent lime and tequila blanco concoction.
Rosemary Hibiscus Tea
Rosemary Hibiscus Tea
This sipper is lush and floral - I guarantee that upon serving to friends, they’ll be mesmerized and intrigued at the complex blend of flavors. And yet, you’ll know the secret that a) it’s sickening how cheap it is to make en masse and b) it’s laughable how easy it is to make. Here’s where you thank me for helping you show your friends how awesome you are.
Ginger Hibiscus Martini
Hibiscus Ginger Martini
As if Grey Goose weren’t sassy enough, combined with a zippy ginger hibiscus syrup, you’ve got some serious danger on your hands. The good kind of danger that is. Not the kind that’ll trash your house and leave you with the blame when your parents get home. This is the James Bond, weekend at the casino in Monaco kind of danger. Feel free to insert any martini clichés now.

Website of the Week

Food Network Humor
You’re not the only one that thinks the FoodNetwork is a little off. Yes, Giada has a crazy animal mouth. Yes, Guy Fieri’s multicolored facial hair is taking over his face...and maybe the world next. And yes, Sandra Lee’s three sheets to the wind all the time. If you like your food television with as little cooking as possible, you’ll enjoy this site that parodies the most ridiculous of the FN lineup. Side note: I actually grew to like Alton Brown a hell of a lot more when I learned that he is an avid fan of this site. Gotta love anyone not afraid to make fun of themselves. Check it out.

Kitchen Soundtrack

Astrud Gilberto "Agua de Beber"
"Summer leaves me light and breezy, happy with the endless sunshine and the reminder that I was born for the warmer months. I’m sure it’s my Brazilian blood coursing through my veins that makes me grin, with the lilting notes of Antonio Carlos Jobim passing through my mind. If I were as elegant in the kitchen as Astrud Gilberto was behind the mic, I’d be a superstar. It won’t keep me from listening while I sweat away in the kitchen, though. Listen now.
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