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Top Recipes for the Week of July 10, 2011

It’s summer prime time here in Phoenix and I am learning that the feeling of your skin melting from your body is tantamount to normalcy right about now. Wonderful. And yet, it seems we can all make do with the aggressive temperature (and the crazy sandstorms or “haboobs”) through a healthy dose of indoor AC and less time spent slaving over a hot stove. While I do tend to cook non-fussy dishes during the summer (see my Chile con Queso or Green Chile Bean Dip) to spare myself from cheffing as a chore, I seem to default to pasta on nights that I’m truly exhausted by the heat. Although a pot of boiling water seems diametrically opposed to 110 degree weather, pasta seems to be one of those things that remains accessible and fail-proof on nights where I can barely spell my name or walk a straight line (“Ma’am, can I have you recite the alphabet backwards, please?”) And apparently, my darlings, so can you, because this week the top recipes have all been pasta. I always knew I liked you for a reason. Mangia!
Beef Tenderloin
Spaghetti all'Amatriciana
Bacon makes everything glorious. It’s the closest version of true pork (the flavorful, fatty good stuff that “The Other White Meat” campaign managed to systematically squash in our country) that we have access to on a regular basis. That is until I get my “Pork Belly for Peace” campaign off the ground. So what happens when you marry smoky bacon (or guanciale or pancetta, if you have it) with sweet San Marzano tomatoes and a bit of spaghetti? Mid-week dinner majesty.
Grilled Corn with Herb Butter
Rosemary Chicken Florentine Pasta
The flea market of an Italian restaurant of my youth, Generous George’s, closed down recently and I mourned a bit with a batch of one of my favorites, their Rosemary Chicken Florentine Pasta. They started with a pizza crust studded with pecorino romano and topped it with farfalle, tender chicken, garlicky spinach, roasted red pepper and a savory cream sauce. Oh, and bacon. Just to guild the lily. Is this week’s post a little bacon obsessed? Yes? Good.
Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms
I still can’t get over how spoiled we were in Italy, eating this simple dish for lunch daily as if it were a PB and J. And when we returned to the states, it was as if we were asking for a white tiger ordering this dish at restaurants (and paying the stupid check for it). Screw that. If you can score fresh pasta and wild mushrooms at your grocery store, you’re in for a treat. And though fresh porcini mushrooms make this dish earthy and hearty, feel free to sub in any ‘shroom you are crushing on at the moment.

Website of the Week
I was a little unsure of Chow at first in that one of their main contributors, Aida Mollenkemp, had a dippy show on FoodNetwork that turned me off at first site. What a shame, because it sold her short as a chef and did a great disservice to the epically awesome Chow. With a designer’s dream of a recipe collection (and an equally stunning email newsletter), along with a well-maintained user forum called ChowHound for foodie dorks to unite over kitchen conundrums, the site manages to keep me engaged and excited on the prospect of new culinary challenges and adventures. No small task. Check it out.

Kitchen Soundtrack

David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi "Memories"
“I just wanna let it go for the night - that would be the best therapy for me…” If I weren’t food blogging, I’d still be perfecting recipes and giving my knives a serious workout. I’m so invested in becoming a better cook(ie) and expanding my culinary repertoire that I find that I tend to black out and go to this other place when I’m in the kitchen working. Usually it’s early in the morning and the hubs is still dozing that I’m hard at work chopping and simmering away, free to let my thoughts wander on how the simple act of melding ingredients into majesty is both a therapy and an addiction at the same time. Listen now.
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